Natural Swim Ponds

Natural swim ponds are a beautiful fun addition to any medium to large garden. They are low in maintenance, help to encourage wildlife in to your garden and are good for your health.  

We offer a complete service, from start to finish. We have completed several successful swim ponds, a quality design with an experienced build team are key. 

Swim pond cleaning and maintenance

Swim ponds are general low maintenance but to keep them at their best we offer spring and autumn services or a regular service package where we will visit every 6-8 weeks through the warmer months to keep your swim pond sparkling. 

Pricing Spring and Autumn service 

Small swim ponds (up to 25m) £225 - £325 + VAT depending on condition.

medium swim ponds (up to 40m) £250 - £425 + VAT depending on condition.

Large POA