Filter upgrades & Instillation

The filter is the at the hart of a crystal clear and healthy pond.

It is important to install the correct size & type of pond filter so with our years of experience we will supply and install quality filters that are easy to maintain and will last for years.  So if you have an old filter that's not keeping your pond clear, let us have a look and get fixed. We can also provide long term maintenance plans to keep your pond looking its best throughout the year.

Water Quality

Water quality is the most important factor when it comes to any aquatic environment. The health of your fish the wildlife is directly related to the environment they live in. Water quality can be measured in lots of different ways, but the main aim of a water Gardner is to have clear water, with no unsightly algae, healthy fish & thriving plants.


Wildlife ponds

If you are planning a wildlife pond with no fish you probably don't need a filter. By adding plants to you pond in the correct ratio you will achieve a natural balance. We recommend adding marginal plants to cover one 3rd of your pond, Lily's and surface covering plants for another 3rd and the last 3rd should be clear water. 


Why do you need a filter and how dose it work.

Most problems in a garden ponds can be attributed to over-fertilization due to a high level of fish stock and feeding the fish. Because of the small size of garden ponds, excess fish food and fish excreta cannot be sustainable decomposed without external help. Through the artificial supply of nutrients man has intervened in the biological balance. The resulting condition of over-fertilization, results in algae blooms with pea-green water, hair or string algae which is unsightly and adds to the in-balance of your garden pond.

A biological filter works like a mini sewage system for the pond. In simple terms the media within the filter creates a huge surface area, which becomes home to many millions of helpful bacteria. It is vital to keep these oxygenated by passing pond water through the filter 24 hours a day.

These helpful bacteria break down invisible toxins produced directly from the fish and the decaying of physical waste such as fish feces, excess food or organic material at the bottom of the pond. This is done by the helpful bacteria breaking down the initial toxin Ammonia into Nitrite. A different type of helpful bacteria then breaks this dangerous Nitrite down to Nitrate which then can be absorbed by plants as they grow and is harmless to fish except in high concentrations. The bigger the pond or the more fish the larger the filter will need to be. Hence it is vital to purchase a filter which can easily cope with your pond volume and anticipated fish stocking level.

It is important to know when first starting a biological filter it can take up to six weeks for helpful bacteria to colonize the filter. During this period care should be taken to keep feeding down and to monitor your water quality regularly with a test kit.

Ultra Violet Clarifiers - Eliminate Green Water

Ultra violet clarifiers are available as a standalone unit to be added to existing biological filtration units or more commonly they are combined with a biological filter.

An ultra violet clarifier is an electrical unit through which water is pumped before it enters the biological filter, and its purpose is to eliminate green water and reduce harmful bacteria in the pond.

As the water is passed through the unit, it is subjected to high levels of U.V. light. This U.V. light causes the microscopic single cell algae to be clumped together allowing them to be collected and broken down by the biological filter, thus eliminating the problem of green water.