Pond & Water feature Construction

Ponds & water features come in lots of shapes and sizes from wild life pools which will attract insects and wildlife in to your garden to formal stainless steel water blades. As we are water garden specialists we have lots of experience in all aspects of pond & water feature instillation. 


Complete Design and Build

If you have a project in mind and would like to discus your ideas please get in touch, we can take your ideas and make them reality from start to finish. 


Consult & Design, Supply.

If You would like to do the hard work but need some help to design or choosing the correct pumps, filters etc.  we are happy to advise you. We can also supply all the equipment you will need, from filters, pumps, liners to Plants & Fish.



Pond & Water feature Repair

We are happy to under take repair work, often pond liners have come to the end of there life and need replacing. 

We often find old inefficient pumps need to be replaced with new energy effecent ones that can save you money and time on maintenance due to there solids handling design. 

So if you have a water garden problem, broken pump,leaking liner, problem filter than give us a call and get back to enjoying your water feature instead of worying about it.  


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